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Colour Camera

Colour Camera

Colour Camera compatible with video input(s) of EFIS (Voyager/Odyssey G2) and iEFIS (Explorer/Challenger).

  • Power Supply: 6 to 20V DC
  • Consumption: 50mA (@12V)
  • Resolution 728 x 488 pixels
  • NTSC output
  • Quality optics
  • Weight: 20g approx.
  • Ref : MG_CCAM
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Thermal Imager

Thermal Imager

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    This product has been discontinued
    Low cost, compact Enhanced Vision thermal imaging camera for Experimental and light sport Aircraft
    Allows you to see terrain, obstacles, and other aircraft in reduced visibility conditions including through smoke, haze, and light fog – even in total darkness. It not only provides detailed video imagery of rising terrain and the entire runway environment, but also lets you see people, animals, and vehicles on active runways and taxiways
    Single-component unit that comes with an adjustable mounting bracket and an all-in-one “power-in, video-out” cable for trouble-free integration. Its composite video output connects directly to most display screens that have an auxiliary video input, requiring no bulky extra black boxes for minimal weight-and-balance impact.
    It connects to

    • Maintain situational awareness in decreased visibility.
    • See more of the runway environment, night and day, in good weather and bad.
    • Reduce the risk of CF IT (controlled flight into terrain).
    • See power poles, trees, and other obstacles from farther away.
    • See better during “brown out” conditions.
    • Identify rising terrain earlier.
    • Detect runway and taxiway incursions – see animals, people, vehicles, and aircraft.

    detects aircraft on short final from run-up area, click for a larger image clearly shows entire runway environment, click for a larger image Naked eye only shows runway lights, click for a larger image

    Thermal Imaging Performance

    • Sensor Type : 320 x 240 Uncooled Microbolometer
    • Field of view: 36°Horizontal x 27° Vertical
    • Spectral Band: 8-14 microns (LWIR)
    • Outputs: NTSC & PAL
    • Frame Rate: 7.5Hz NTSC & 8.3Hz PAL
    • Orientation : Invertible Image Option for Integration Flexibility
    • Power Requirements: 9 to 16V DC
    • Power Consumption: <2W (<5W with heater on)
    • Operating Temp: -40°C to +80°C
    • Weather Resistance: Hermetically Sealed
    • Window: Impact-Resistant Optic with Built-in Automatic Heating Element
    • Dimensions : 57.4 x 71.4 x 84.7 mm (2.3” x 2.8” x 3.3”)
    • Weight:
      • Camera : 363 grams approx.
      • Adjustable mounting bracket: 200 grams approx.
      • Wiring Harness (6 meters): 400 grams approx.

    Adjustable mounting bracket, click for a larger image Power & Video connections, click for a larger image Wiring Harness, click for a larger image

  • Réf : IR_Cam_Kit This product has been discontinued
  • Equipment described herein may require US Government authorization for export purposes. Diversion contrary to US law is prohibited.
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