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(Obsolete) "Maxi Single" 80mm


ALT-3, ALT-4 & ALT-5

MaxiSingles ALT-3 ALT-4 ALT-5

  • The top performing digital altimeter. Range to more than 40 000 feet. Units in meters or feet. Absolute as well as relative modes of operation. Accurate and high resolution.
  • Vertical Speed Indication.
  • Weight : 180 to 200g depending on model.
  • ALT-4 : Similar to the ALT-3, this model adds a parallel gillman code transponder interface.
  • ALT-5 : Similar to the ALT-3, this model adds a RS-232 serial output with a selection of protocols. Supported are: Garmin/Trimble, IIMorrow and MGL.
  • Download the manual: alt345.pdf
  • Ref : MG_Max_ALT3
  • Ref : MG_Max_ALT4 (Parallel Gillman output)
  • Ref : MG_Max_ALT5 (Serial output)
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MaxiSingles ASI-3

  • Wide range airspeed indicator from a low 16mph to 250mph, also units in km/h and knots.
  • Includes automatic flight log for the last 24 flights.
  • Programmable speed markers on analog airspeed display.
  • Includes flight timer and air distance trip counter.
  • Weight: 190g approximatly.
  • Download the manual (English)): asi3_en.pdf
  • Ref : MG_Max_ASI3
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Maxi Single ASX-2

  • The unique ASX-2 combines our excellent altimeter with the wide range airspeed indicator of the ASI-3.
  • This instrument is the ideal solution for limited space panels at an even more amazing price.
  • Weight: 190g approximatly.
  • Download the manual: asx2-en.pdf
  • Ref : MG_Max_ASX2
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Maxi Single AV-2


Maxi Single EMS-1

  • The E1 universal engine monitor combines in one compact 3.5” format instrument all that is needed to monitor most smaller aircraft engines from two-stroke ultralight engines to medium sized four strokes, such as from Continental, Hirht, Jabiru, Lycoming, etc...
  • Also most automotive engine conversions can benefit from the use of the E1 engine monitor.
  • RPM, "Hobbs", Flight Timer, 2 EGT channels, 2 CHT channels, Oil pressure, Oil (or water) temperature, and alarms.
  • Weight: 190g approximatly.
  • Download the manual (English) E1_en.pdf
  • Probes and senders
  • Ref : MG_Max_E1
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MaxiSingles FF-3

  • Perhaps the most comprehensive and easy to use fuel flow, fuel range, fuel endurance and fuel level computer available.
  • Includes fuel low alarm and can use our dual range, low cost fuel flow sender as well as other senders.
  • Can interface to an optional fuel level sender with full multi point calibration.
  • Please note: We do not recommend usage of fuel flow based fuel level monitoring as primary fuel level display. Calculation of level from flow is a relative operation and subject to errors. This may only be used as secondary fuel level display for purpose of range and endurance calculations if a primary, direct indicating level display is available. This condition is met if you fit the optional fuel level sender.
  • Weight: 180g approximatly.
  • Download the manual (English) : ff3_en.pdf
  • Probes and senders
  • Ref : MG_Max_FF3
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MaxiSingles FLIGHT-2

    The Flight II is a ultra compact, complete primary flight system intended as main flight instrument on smaller aircraft or as a backup / secondary flight instrument.
    This 3.25” instrument provides many functions from Altimeter, Airspeed to Fuel level/flow, Engine RPM and many secondary functions, including an automatic flight log. The Flight II‘s light weight, small size and high level of functionality in addition to excellent value for money make it an ideal choice for many applications.
    The Flight II makes and ideal companion to the Stratomaster E1 universal engine monitor for a compact, low cost yet highly functional and complete cockpit solution.
  • Altimeter (-700ft to >40.000ft range)
  • Airspeed indicator (16-250 mph range)
  • Analog VSI (+/-1600 ft/min range)
  • Digital VSI (+/-10.000 ft/min range)
  • Automatic flight duration timer
  • Real time clock for local time and flight log use
  • Fuel flow (with optional Fuel flow sender)
  • Fuel level calculated from fuel flow
  • Fuel level obtained from optional fuel level sender
  • Multipoint fuel level sender calibration to compensate for odd shaped tanks and nonlinear fuel level senders
  • Engine RPM gauge, programmable for different engine types
  • Engine Hobbs meter, can be preset to any hour/minute setting up to 9999 hours
  • Maintenance timer (MPI, Plug changes etc)
  • Automatic flight log (logs last 60 flights)
  • Log viewer in instrument
  • Temperature display with external ambient temperature probe (included)
  • Density altimeter
  • Barometer (actual local pressure)
  • True airspeed (TAS display)
  • Fuel range based on TAS
  • Fuel endurance based on TAS
  • Stopwatch
  • User programmable units: mph, km/h, knots, ft, meters, liters, gallons
  • Times can be set to minutes or decimal hour fractions
  • Glide and Climb ratio indicator
  • Alarm on low airspeed
  • Alarm on high airspeed
  • Alarm on low fuel level
  • "Airtalk" link for Flight Log download (with optional cable or download key)
  • Download the manual (English): Flight2.pdf
  • Probes and senders
  • Ref : MG_Flight2
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MaxiSingles GF-2

  • Two axis G-force meter with memory and cycle counter.
  • Measures vertical force at up to10G at high accuracy.
  • Recording of max and min G forces in permanent memory
  • Two independent cycle counters which record the number of times a preset force has been reached
  • Graphical display of force acting on the aircraft
  • Features: GF-2_f.jpg
  • Weight: 90g approximatly.
  • Download the manual: GF2_en.pdf
  • Ref : MG_Max_GF2
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MaxiSingles GPS-1

    The GPS-1 is a powerful 16 channel GPS navigation system. It is a panel mount GPS which easily fits into a standard 3.25” cutout. The GPS-1 boasts most of the features only found in high end GPS navigation equipment.
  • 16 Channel highly sensitive GPS receiver
  • Panel mount 3.25” standard aviation footprint.
  • WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) compatible
  • 20 user defined routes
  • 150 user defined waypoints
  • Quick and easy to create and manage waypoints and routes
  • Quick to find the nearest waypoint to the current position
  • 5 navigation and information displays
  • Sunrise/Sunset calculator
  • NMEA output to interface to other GPS based instrumentation
  • TTFF (Time to First Fix) within 45 seconds
  • Graphic LCD display with adjustable contrast
  • Large non-reflective ultra high impact acrylic lens with rear backlight
  • Active antenna for even higher sensitivity
  • 3.5” standard ABS enclosure
  • Low power consumption (80mA with active antenna)
  • Compatible with software designed for
  • Features: GPS-1f.jpg
  • Weight: 190g approximatly.
  • Download the manual (English): GPS1_en.pdf
  • Ref : MG_Max_GPS1
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MaxiSingles MAP-2

  • Measurement scale 0.25 Bar (3.6PSI) to 2.5 Bar (36.2PSI).
  • Pressure can be displayed in units of millibar, bar, PSI, Kg/cm2, inches of Mercury, millimeters of Mercury, kilopascal (KPa) or atmospheres.
  • The MAP-2 is primarily intended for use as a manifold pressure gauge, however, due to the universal nature of this accurate instrument it can be used for many other applications as well.
  • Typical applications: Engine manifold pressure, Turbo boost pressure, Barometer, fuel or oil pressure gauge (with additional isolation kit), pressure reference, airfoil research and testing.
  • Weight: 90g approximatly.
  • Download the manual: MAP2_en.pdf
  • Ref : MG_Max_MAP2
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MaxiSingles RTC-1

  • The RTC-1 is a 3.5” format aviation Real Time Clock featuring a two time zone system, stopwatch, timer and alarm.
  • It is primarily intended to show UTC time (also known as Greenwich Mean Time, GMT or Zulu time) together with a local time to facilitate ordinary ATC time reporting.
  • Each time zone may be programmed with an additional hour offset to allow for summer time or similar variances. Local offsets may be added or subtracted.
  • Stopwatch and Timers can be operated simultaneously to a programmable alarm, making the RTC-1 particularly suitable for sport flying competitions.
  • Time is maintained by an internal 10 year lithium battery which can be replaced by the user.
  • Weight: 180g approximatly.
  • Download the manual (English): rtc1_en.pdf
  • Ref : MG_Max_RTC1
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MaxiSingles RV-3

  • This baby is not just a rev counter. It is everything a rev counter should be.
  • Fully programmable with hobbs meter and flight timer.
  • Can be used with high speed RPM pulses or very slow speed pulses.
  • Universal RPM counter for engines as well as universal RPM counter for Gyroplane and Helicopter rotors.
  • Weight: 90g approximatly.
  • Download the manual (English): rv3_en.pdf
  • Ref : MG_Max_RV3
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MaxiSingles TC-3

  • Ever wanted a totally flexible, one, two, three or four channel EGT or CHT monitoring system ?
  • Fully configurable with external alarms - the total solution for any engine, big or small.
  • Weight: 190g approximatly.
  • Download the manual (English): tc2_en.pdf
  • Probes and senders
  • Ref : MG_Max_TC2
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  • The TC-3 is a 12 Channel EGT/CHT display unit.
  • Features include an easy to understand bargraph readout of all channels.
  • EGT and CHT channels are configurable from 4 to 12 channels.
  • Scanning or highest readout available.
  • Peak temperature per channel is indicated by solid lines above bargraphs
  • An external alarm output is available which could be used to switch a visual alarm indicator such as a lamp.
  • This is the last EGT/CHT monitoring system you will ever need.
  • Weight: 190g approximatly.
  • Download the manual (English) : tc3_en.pdf
  • Probes and senders
  • Ref : MG_Max_TC3
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MaxiSingles TP-2

  • Our universal solution for measuring water (coolant) temperature, oil temperature, oil or fuel pressure. .
  • Can be used to monitor any one of these or one temperature and one pressure at the same time.
  • For example: Use one instrument to monitor both oil temperature and oil pressure.
  • Uses standard automotive senders and can use our special MGL senders as well.
  • Weight: 180g approximatly.
  • Download the manual: tp2_en.pdf
  • Capteurs et Sondes
  • Réf : MG_Max_TP2
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MaxiSingles VHF COM

  • MGL Avionics is proud to annouce its entry into the market of aviation related RF instrumentation.
  • The first product in this segment is the VHF COM radio. This "Maxi Single" compatible device fits into a standard aviation 3.5" (3.1/8th hole) cutout.
  • Weighing in at less than 300 grams with a very small mounting depth (53mm) this radio provides a 760 channel VHF radio with a 6W carrier power (unmodulated carrier) and a two place digital VOX intercom that inludes enough output power to drive a speaker at good volume.
  • The large display provides easy to read information that includes frequency and function text.
  • Up to 100 channels can be pre-programmed.
  • This radio is SL40 serial communications compatible and can connect to the Stratomaster Enigma and Osyssey EFIS systems.
  • Online RX and TX bargraphs show exact receive power and transmit modulation - allowing you to judge exactly how well your system is transmitting.
  • As one of several models, this version is optimised for use on open cockpit aircraft and can be fully operated with gloves on !
  • A word of caution: this product does not have yet an EASA certification.
  • Réf : MG_Max_VHFCOM
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MaxiSingles VSI-2

  • Complete your cockpit with a digital vertical speed indicator (VSI).
  • Includes logarithmic analog readout.
  • This VSI has a range of +/-10.000 ft/m, can be set to meters/second readout and is altitude compensated.
  • Includes a user calibration feature for the perfectionist pilot.
  • Weight: 90g approximatly.
  • Donwnload the manual: vsi2_en.pdf
  • Réf : MG_Max_VSI2
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