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(Obsolete) EFIS "ULTRA"

MGL Stratomaster ULTRA Description

  • The Stratomaster Ultra Horizon XL is a digital multifunction instrument designed for use in ultralight, microlight, experimental and homebuilt aircraft as well as any aircraft that permit use of such instrumentation under general or special operating permits.
  • The Ultra is designed around a transflective 5.7” monochrome display panel with a white LED backlight. The monochrome panel is suited for operation in direct sunlight. The panel does not need to be shaded and is capable of producing a clearly readable image even in very bright light conditions, with the light falling directly onto the panel.
  • Weight less than 1Kg (without probes).
  • The Ultra Horizon XL replaces the following previous product releases: "L" "X" "RL" "HL" and "HX".
  • The Ultra Horizon XL can be connected to the following sensor sources:
    • SP-6 three axis, tilt compensated magnetic compass.
    • SP-7 horizon / turn&bank sensor.
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Ultra "HXL"

MGL Stratomaster ULTRA HXL

  • The ULTRA "HXL" is universal. It can be configured for any type of engine, like 2-stroke Rotax 447, 503, 582, 614, Hirth, 2SI etc..
    It supports as well 4-stroke Rotax 912/914, and larger 4-stroke engines as Hirth, Jabiru, Lycoming and Continental.
    It can also be used for converted automobile engines, air or liquid cooled.
  • Engine monitoring is entirely programmable.
  • The Ultra Horizon XL is a fully user configurable panel that can be used as primary flight instrumentation display, engine monitor or both.
  • The Ultra provides two display pages, each page can be configured by the user, choosing from a selection of more than 50 instruments and display items.
  • Each item on the screen may be placed where the user wants it and most instruments provide several different display options. For example you can choose between analog altimeter and a tape based altimeter amongst other choices.
  • Customization can be done on the instrument itself, or with a free simulator program on PC.
  • Download the maual: Ultra_HXL_EN.pdf
  • Download simulator and latest firmware: UltraHXLSetup.exe Updated 26 june 07
  • Ref: MG_Ultra_HXL


MGL Stratomaster ULTRA Functions

  • Quick description of the basic system functions. Download the manual for detailed information on all functions.
  • Dimensions: 212x141 mm. Depth 70mm (120mm including connectors & cables. Panel cutting 192x121 mm. Download template: Ultra_HXL_Dim.jpg
  • Weight 750g plus RDAC_VD 175g or RDAC_X 290g.
  • Altitude to 40 000 ft (12 195 m) calibrated, 1ft dynamic resolution./font>
  • Airspeed ASI analog and digital, TAS digital. Scale 16 to 200 mph.
  • Vertical speed. Scale 40 m/S 9999 ft/min.
  • Analog VSI. Scale 10m/S 2000 ft/min. Logarithmic display.
  • Glide and climb ratio to 1/99.
  • Measuring take-off run to 50 ft (15.24 m) above ground level.
  • Density altitude.
  • Stopwatch.
  • Air distance made good.
  • Fuel flow display (with optional flow sender).
  • Ambiant temperature.
  • Hobbs meter, presetable to current engine time.
  • Maintenance timer.
  • Automatic flight detection.
  • Flight Timer.
  • Time of day.
  • Flight log storing up to 200 entries.
  • Voltmeter.
  • Barometer.
  • Instructor modes.
  • Metric, imperial or U.S.
  • Air talk link for connection to
    • PC’s and Laptops using optional cable
    • Stratomaster Ultra secondary instrument
    • Key ring flight log download device
    • Compass and AHRS sensor packages
  • Artificial horizon (requires SP-4)
  • Slip indicator (requires SP-4)
  • Rate of turn indicator (requires SP-4)
  • Compass (requires SP-2)
  • Warnings for engine temperature, speed high, speed low, maximum altitude, low fuel level, etc
  • Alarm output to switch a warning lamp
  • Audio alarm output to drive a panel speaker or low level output for alarm tone injection into a suitably equipped headset or intercom system


MGL Stratomaster RDAC

  • RDAC = Remote Data Aquisition Computer)
  • Some MGL Avionics instruments (E2, Extreme, ULTRA, ENIGMA) use a remote data acquisition module for engine data acquisition.
  • This architecture makes the installation easy, since there is no need to extend sender cablezs all the way to the cockpit.
  • The RDAC is installed close to the engine, and connects to the display system with a shielded two wires cable.
  • There are four versions of RDAC:
    RDAC V_D 4 CHT/EGT channels, no manifold pressure sender
    RDAC X_B 12 CHT/EGT channels, no manifold pressure sender
    RDAC X_D 12 CHT/EGT channels, with manifold pressure sender
    RDAC X_E 12 CHT/EGT channels, with manifold pressure sender, OEM version with ASCII output
  • Download the installation manual RDAC_V : Install manual RDAC_V (.PDF)
  • Download the installation manual RDAC_X : Install manual RDAC_X (.PDF)
  • You wish to integrate a RDAC to your aplication? Download the RDAC_X OEM protocol manual: RDACX_OEM.pdf
  • The RDAC is supplied with a 3 meters cable.
  • Four or twelve channel thermocouple amplifier, high resolution chopper stabilized system with full cold junction compensation and bow voltage correction to laboratory standards.
  • The thermocouple inputs can accept K-type or J-type thermocouples.
  • Oil and Water temperature NTC input compatible with most oil temperature senders and the MGL water temperature sender.
  • Also accepts MGL precision semiconductor senders for water and oil temperature.
  • optional LM335 sensor based temperature sender to indicate ice warning. The sender is normally fitted to the outside of a carburetor, in close proximity to the throttle slider or valve or in the intake airflow.
  • Oil pressure sender input. 50 to 1000 ohms. Accepts most commercial oil pressure senders including those from VDO. Rotax uses a 200 ohm sender
  • TWO Fuel level sender input with extensive calibration functions provided to allow direct readout of fuel quantity corrected for tank shape and sender tolerances.
  • Fuel flow sender input. Can be used with most commercial liquid flow senders. Flow measurement without sender on injection systems by measurement of injcetor opening time (i.e. Hirth engines).
  • Universal rev counter input. Can be used on a wide variety of engines using a variety of interface methods.
  • Ref: MG_RDACV_D 4 CHT/EGT channels, no manifold pressure sender
  • Ref: MG_RDACX_B 12 CHT/EGT channels, no manifold pressure sender
  • Ref: MG_RDACX_D 12 CHT/EGT channels, with manifold pressure sender
  • Ref: MG_RDACX_E OEM 12 CHT/EGT channels, with manifold pressure sender, ASCII output
  • Ask for a Catalog/Price list

  • Back view

    MGL Stratomaster ULTRA Vue Arrière

    • Cannon D-9 connector. This connector is used for power and ambient temperature probe. Although other signals are available on this connector, they are not normally used.
    • Audio alarm output. Suitable for connection of a speaker or feed to an intercom system.
    • Audio level link. Close the link to reduce audio output level by a factor of 20.
    • Two airtalk local area network connectors. Connection for SP-x sensor packages, airtalk to PC cables, flight log download devices, interconnect between panels etc.
    • Terminal block for RDAC connection (engine monitor).
    • Terminal block for rotor speed sensor connection (rotor craft only).
    • Static port for altimeter and vertical speed indicator.
    • Pressure port for airspeed indicator (pitot tube port).

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