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MGL Avionic Glass Cockpit Stratomaster VOYAGER EFIS

VOYAGER, click for larger image VOYAGER versus ODYSSEY, click for larger image
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  • Voyager is essentially a smaller version of the ground breaking Stratomaster Odyssey intended for panels where the Odyssey cannot fit due to panel size issus. Voyager is 100% software and hardware interface compatible with Odyssey and retains fully identical functionality.
  • The main difference between the two EFIS systems is the physical size of the screen and resulting from that, the size of the housing.
  • VOYAGER is fully Enigma connectivity and database compatible and offers a large, 8" sunlight readable TFT screen EFIS system that is fully featured, expandable and future proof at a price that is truly affordable.
  • Voyager builds on the proven, exceptionally flexible platform provided by the runaway success of the Stratomaster Enigma EFIS. As with Enigma, Voyager provides a fully user customizable system of unmatched flexibility.
  • Overall panel size: 266mm width x 168mm height (10.47" x 6.62")
  • Panel cutout (zero clearance): 250mm width x 162mm height (9.84" x 6.38")
  • Depth behind flange: (excluding connectors) 70mm (2.76")
  • Bezel thickness : 4 mm (0.16")
  • Screen dimensions: 175mm (6.89") x 133mm (5.23") - 8.4" diagonal 4:3 format
  • Screen brightness approximately 800 nits, direct sunlight viewable. Very high contrast ratio 1:600.
  • Horizontal viewing ange +/- 85 degrees from center.
  • Vertical viewing angle 80 degrees (center to downwards viewing - normal operational viewing)
  • Vertical viewing angle 30 degrees (center to upwards viewing)
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