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    Preliminary information on the MGL Avionics iEFIS project.

    What is iEFIS ?
    iEFIS is a registered trademark owned by MGL Avionics. iEFIS is the next generation EFIS system utilizing a custom developed, pressure sensitive, sunlight readable touch screen that can also be operated using gloves. iEFIS combines the undeniable advantages of simplyfied operation that a touch screen can offer with rich traditional controls which are equaly indispensible in the cockpit environment. The pressure sensitive touch screen operates much like a tactile button does preventing false activation when touching the screen during turbulent conditions. A simple but highly effective solution...

    What does the iEFIS architecture look like ?
    iEFIS is highly modular in order to increase flexibility for special applications but also to reduce system cost for typical use. Three panel sizes will be released initially. The panels contain powerful processing capabilities, high resolution, sunlight readable touch screens and traditional user interfaces but completely lack everything that makes an EFIS a "EFIS". There are no device interfaces, no sensors. This makes the cost of the panels very attractive. The actual EFIS part containing a rich multitude of interfaces, pressure sensors etc is contained in a seperate small unit that can be mounted behind the panel in a convenient location. This unit is called the "iBOX". If redundancy is needed, two of these can be used in a system in a controlled main and hot standby system. Each iBOX connects via a private network to up to 8 iEFIS panels (which can be of various types). This makes multi-panel systems very affordable while at the same time greatly simplifying installation requirements.
    Typical aircraft systems devices such as engine monitoring systems (RDAC), AHRS, compass, external navigation and COM systems all connect to the iBOX. The only wiring to a panel required is power and the communications cable to the iBOX.

    What are the iEFIS panel sizes ?
    The first release is the 8.5" wide screen format iEFIS Explorer shown in the image above. This will be followed soon therafter with a 7" unit called the iEFIS Discovery and the iEFIS Challenger which weighs in at a large 10.4". The 7" explorer uses a special IPS technology screen giving 180 degrees viewing angle in any direction which allows this device to be used in either landscape or portrait mode as needed.

    Does iEFIS preserve the flexibility of the current MGL EFIS systems for user modification such as custom screen designes ?
    Yes, this is preserved - however more "plug and play" choices are available to ease use by customers who do not want to customize their units.

    What about wireless ? What about my iPAD ? What about my Android tablet ?
    The iEFIS architecture offers a wireless Wifi node that can take the place of any of the theoretical 8 panels you could connect to an iBOX. While this is primarily intended for flight planning (such as upload your flightplan from a tablet) and flight data recording (useful for experiments and aircraft manufacturers) - the wireless node has access to everything a normal panel has so it could become a full EFIS as well, just wireless. It is also possible to consider using just an iBOX without any iEFIS panels at all and a iPAD or Android "EFIS" perhaps for very low cost installations in smaller aircraft.

    I am a Android or iPAD developer. I want to make an App for iEFIS.
    You are welcome. The protocol required to access the iBOX and iEFIS panels via the Wifi node will be released to the public domain. If you can send and receive data over a TCP/IP link you are all set to go...

    I want to write my own iEFIS software to run on the iEFIS panels.
    You have come to the right place. This will be supported towards the end of the year when the G3 upgrade of pur processing platform is expected (plug in upgrade PCB). This system runs a basic version of Linux allowing you to do anything you like with the panels...

    When will iEFIS be available for ordering ?
    The iEFIS explorer is scheduled for release in April. Orders will only be accepted if we can deliver but you can place your details on a waiting list which is highly recommended (and does not cost you anything even if you decide to cancel later). Contact your distributor.
    The other two sizes are to be released a bit later, most likely towards the third quarter of this year.

    How does iEFIS affect the current MGL EFIS systems ? Are these going to die ?
    No, not at all. These systems are in wide spread use and have a different architecture to the iEFIS panels and follow more traditional ways of thinking. These panels will not only continue to be supported but in fact will continue to be developed up to the G3 standard later this year.

    Can I have dimensions for the panels - I want to see if they are going to fit.

    Panel dimensions iEFIS Discovery (7")

    Panel dimensions iEFIS Explorer (8.5")

    Panel dimensions iEFIS Challenger (10.4")

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